Saturday, October 13, 2012

Circle Lenses! Pt.1

To be honest, I've been putting off posting for awhile in fear of not writing anything substantial. But, really, how is this any different from writing on my Facebook Page? So today I've put forth yet another placement for circle lenses from a company which I've developed a love for! Honestly, they should pay me for recommending them so much, they have great customer service and amazing free shipping sales! On top of that, they also sell cosmetics and I've purchased my favourite eyeliner from them as well.

Now I know a lot of people really like to write contact reviews but I can't help it- I really adore them! Writing about them kind of justifies my unhealthy addiction for buying them and the worst part is that you can't even collect them since they expire after a year! = A =;;; I guess I'll give a brief run-down of my circle lenses thus far. I currently own six pairs of circle lenses and believe me I really don't need that many! It's kind of a combination of my desire to have interesting coloured eyes and my liberation from my glasses! My excuse is that I need them for cosplay but I really only use half of them for cosplaying, the rest are for me. = u =;;; Prior to needing them for cosplaying Kaito, I was always too lazy to get them or too afraid to put something in my eye, thank you cosplay for helping me get over my fear! Now I can spend more money! OTL

1. Geo Angel Blue
Product Photo
I cannot even describe how disappointed I am in these! I had high hopes and they were dashed! Dashed I tell you! ;; A ;; Originally, I purchased them for my Kaito cosplay. I needed something very vibrant and these CLEARLY were not it! It's such a shame though and the product photo is LYING! Such lies!!!

They were my first purchase so I didn't know. Shame on past me for not reading reviews! I used to struggle getting them in but it's not so hard nowadays. (That's what he said!) I used to purchase these from my friends who ran a local contact business they go to cons and have a facebook group.

Actual Photo- So awkward SEXY~
It's barely visible under a -lot- of natural light and it creates minimal enlargement, though what little it does offer creates a subtle dolly effect. Note the rather soul-less looking eyes bearing into your soul as I nom a Big Mac. XD They weren't overly uncomfortable but did dry my eyes out a little. Nothing some eyedrops can't fix.

They're more geared towards everyday use I suppose. I still wear these every once in awhile when I feel like wearing some contacts, they weren't terrible as far as contacts go but I was underwhelmed. The perk is that they're cheap and easy to get your hands on.

Anyways, that's all I have the energy to write about today~ I'll be posting sporadically about the contacts I own as well as the new ones I have in the mail that are on their way. I put together a group order and they're giving us free express shipping on orders over $100! I love them! Speaking of which, all of their Neo brand is on sale and I can't help but notice that they took that category off their site.

I've done some looking into Neo and the water content is much higher than that of other brands. 45% versus 38% leading me to believe that they are much more comfortable. They also happen to be more expensive, running at around $30 a pop versus the $20 for other brands on that site. It's lead me to believe that they're on clearance and are being removed because they are pricey and don't sell well. Which is fine by me because now they're 40% off! XD I grabbed three pairs for myself that I can't wait to try on.

Anyways, thanks for reading, I'll be posting again soon!

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