Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Zoey Zoey Zoey Zoey COSPLAY COSPLAY!

So this past Saturday I went to the Toronto Zombie Walk (http://torontozombiewalk.ca/) for the first time ever! I was cosplaying Zoey from L4D, my favourite game on Steam. :D

My cosplay isn't finished, by the way, she has some white stripes on her jacket/track... thing that aren't there yet. XD My friend was busy at the time and didn't have time to do them, which is fine. I hate imposing on people but I lack sewing skills and she is awesumm. o A o                                                                                       So this is the cosplay that I've been growing out my own hair for because her hair parts in such a way that doesn't look good when you use a wig- that and my hair was already brown... So after I redo her it's CHOP CHOP time! Her make-up took some time to do and I went with my new NEO Glamour Gray lenses since my Beaucon Vibrant Match Green was -too- vibrant and fake-looking. Her eyes are actually supposed to be green, but the grey lenses look so amazing and so natural! I will be writing a review of them shortly but I digress~

So after fighting with my hair and putting all my make-up on, I ended up not arriving until 3pm of the walk. Briefly, I met up with my friends Sheena and Kristy who were cosplaying Victor and Emily. ZOMG they were so awesome-looking. ;; A ;; And they were swamped with photographers everywhere, it was like they were famous. o 3 o

Crappy Phone pics but Holy Shit, right?

Anyways, they got called off for a photoshoot so I went ahead and joined the walk. Because I was cosplaying a specific character (who also happened to be, you know, not a zombie? I blended in with the crowd rather well with a few L4D players who said "Hey it's Zoey!" I think that was what made me the happiest- that the very few people who did play L4D could recognize me! I went alongside the walk (joining in a few times to hang out with my zombiefriends) for the most part, it drizzled slightly but was very fuxxing cold. D: SO MANY PEOPLE AND PHOTOGRAPHERS AUGH! XD I kept trying to find my friends who were cosplaying a Hunter and a Witch from the game but I FINALLY met them at the end. = u =;;; We ended up taking a few photos and then I headed home, it was SO COLD on that day, I feel bad for Tasha. D:

Anyways. they look AMAZING! I'll just share a couple of pic from their sites~
http://ducesa.deviantart.com/ (I took this one!)

So we snapped a couple of shots, I'll share them here along with some of my Zoey~

I thought that it looked very glam desu, so I puricuted it up as a joke using http://puricute.com/. It's a very amusing site, I must say. = u 

With the Witch:

And also as a group~

By Trish Bartkiw
By Trish Bartkiw
By Trist Bartkiw

I will be uploading more photos of Zoey from the walk either on my deviantART or my Facebook Page, so please keep posted there!

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