Monday, October 15, 2012

Stressed Out! > n < Wig + Contact Review!

When I'm really stressed, cosplay has really pulled me through. I've never been one for comfort-eating or retail therapy but looking at my cosplay photos or going to conventions really lift my spirits!

Anyways, to destress I'll post a dual-review!

FM-Anime Lelouch Wig + EOS New Adult Violet Circle Lens Review~
Heeeeeeeeyyy~ Sexy Ladies!

Service: 1/5 (CRAP!!!)
Honestly it takes them forever and a day to respond, we were waiting for 2+ weeks for questions about our custom orders. DO NOT CUSTOM ORDER FROM THEM!!!

We ordered from them in the middle after starting to message them in MARCH, I kid you not. They promised that our orders would be shipped by the end of April and when I messaged them mid-May they didn't even finish making our order. :/ Honestly don't lie to me about the send date if you can't complete it by then. What's WORSE? CosplayWig put up a listing for my Lelouch wig a FEW WEEKS after I ordered, UGH! This site does not provide free shipping as CosplayWig on ebay does which, by the way, is a FAR better seller! (Click me for my CosplayWig video review!)

Anyways, we finally did get it in the beginning of June (WAY AFTER ANIME NORTH- WHICH I ORDERED IT FOR!) and they forgot the free wig caps we asked for. = A = But whatever. I later found out that they also ran a Taobao site and I've had MUCH better success ordering from them there, it's much cheaper too.

Onto the actual wig part! This is the listing:
Code Geass Lelouch Lamperouge Cosplay Wig

And this is how it looks:
It came shaped like his hair and not cut like it is depicted~ Some trimming was necessary to make it look like his hair, which my friend Sheena kindly did for me!

Honestly this is one of the best wigs I own. It's rather thin but has good coverage, the material is super-soft and has a rather semi-matte finish which means it looks so much like real hair! The colour is listed as black but it actually comes a dark brown, JUST like Lelouch's!

Wig Quality: 4.5/5

Don't despair, FM-Anime does have a Taobao site, which means it's CHEAPER! Mind you, you do need an agent to order but I MUCH prefer it: Ghost Cos

EOS New Adult Violet
Overall Rating: 4/5

Listing: EOS New Adult Violet

They even show up on my crappy webcam! XD
When I first tried it on, they weren't as vibrant as I expected. This turned out to be a mixed blessing because they look rather natural (well, as natural as violet eyes could be!). This is perfect for cosplaying those characters naturally born with violet eyes. For vocaloid or those characters whose eyes change when certain situations happen (ie. bloodlust for my Vampire Knight characters) I prefer them to be more vibrant. Still, in sunlight and bright lights they look rather purple!

They're medium comfortable because my eyes still dry out after wearing them for a long time. But I've gotten rather used to them and now they triple-time as my Zero, Homura, and Twilight Sparkle contacts. If you want something more vibrant or dolly, these are not the ones for you! I would recommend them for daily wear or cosplaying male characters!

I originally ordered them from a friend who has a local contact sales business but Honeycolor carries them too, I've ordered from that site before and have had good results, great customer service!


  1. Hello! I love your reviews and I love your cosplays <3 I was wondering how did you contact Ghost Cos? Their hotmail account is not working and I really like their Alto wig :( Was hoping to contact them about shipping to my country etc. (Philippines). Please email me at ^_^ Hope to see more or your reviews! Very helpful, indeedy!